Monday, 14 January 2013


This is a picture of London during the World War II. The Battle of Britain doomed over the country, destroying over a million homes and leaving 20,000 dead in the city alone (40,000 overall). The Nazis failed in their aim of demoralizing the Britons and destroying their War Industry.

This is another picture of the same series (colored WWII pictures). In this picture, a man is seen calmly reading a book while an air-balloon, designed to stop Luftwaffe attacks is being released, while another one soars in the background.

A quote by Churchill from his autobiography seems very appropriate:

“These were the times, when the English, and particularly the Londoners, who had the place of honor, were seen at their best. Grim and gay, dogged and serviceable, with the confidence of an unconquered people in their bones, they adapted themselves to this strange new life [of the Blitz], with all its terrors, with all its jolts and jars.”

More pictures and information here and here.


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