Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Genius or Psycho?

Hell if I know. For some people, the line between genius and craziness is just waaaay too blurry. Case in point, Bryan Lewis Saunders. Everyday Bryan would take a new drug and draw a self-portrait while under the influence. This strange experiment led to Bryan becoming lethargic in a few weeks time and suffering mild brain damage. He is still continuing with his drug experiments, but not as often as before.

The drugs used for painting range from the commons ones (Marijuana, LSD, Hash) to some really strange ones (Abilify, Ambien, Buspar, Butalbitals). Similarly, his drawings range from creative, to somewhat normal to just plain weird. Here are some of them.


"Indeed you are Bryan, indeed you are"

"It's ok, I really wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway"

Bryan Lewis Saunders has other awesome paintings on his website which I highly recommend you check out.


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