Monday, 21 January 2013

3 Most Politically Incorrect Games and Toys

3. Racism: The Game

This was a board game that was released into the market in the 1960's. If one didn't know the background to the game, it would be easy to assume that it was intentionally racist. Despite the fact that everything about the game screams out "Racism!!" the game is actually meant to teach people about how bad racism is, as opposed to being racist itself. It is played by two people and each one has a different character (one African-American and one White dude). The idea was to teach white people what it's like being an African American in the 1960's in USA. Here are the rules:

"Whites started out with $1 million, blacks with $10,000 and each race had different opportunity decks. While whites could buy property in any part of the board, blacks were limited to certain areas until they had accumulated at least $100,000 and were outright banned from property in the 'suburban zone."

This doesn't look in any way racist

2. Nuclear Toys

It is hard to believe that there was a time when the word nuclear was associated with good, and no, it wasn't before WWII (you know, the whole Japan bombing thing). In 1950's a bunch of kids' toys companies decided that it would be good to teach the little ones the value and the might of nuclear power (presumably because most kids in the 1950's were hated by their parents). This was the result:

"Congratulations you little piece of shit! Now get back to training!"

1. Juden Raus! (Jew Out!)

I have to say, the name of the game in German and the exclamation mark are very misleading. It almost sounds like one of those festivals Germans celebrate as an excuse to drink a lot of German beer and stare at German boobies.

Yes, just like these. Ew! What do you think you're doing you pervert? Put that thing away! Now! Nooo....

Unfortunately the game didn't involve any boobies and was in fact pretty sad. The game was manufactured and released into the market in 1930's to please Hitler (you might recognize his name from your history books). The point of the game was to roll the dice and move Jews out of their homes in Germany and to Palestine...and that's basically it. 

Hey,  I never said it was a fun game...


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