Wednesday, 16 January 2013

alterIMAGE: Elvis Riding a Giant Long...Car (You Pervert!)

"Talk to the hand, sister"

This highly attractive photo is in fact the last ever taken of the rock star, Elvis on August 16 1977 at 00:28. Elvis, who had just been to one of his usual crazy nights out and was probably drunk off his mind, is nevertheless seen pulling his car into Graceland. As fate would have it, he was found dead later that afternoon on his bathroom floor by his fiancée, Ginger Alden. Not only does the musician possess incredible dance moves, but according to the medical investigator, Elvis had, in spite of probably being stoned and quite possibly in a lot of pain, had crawled several feet before he actually died. No wonder they referred to him as the King. To make things better, before this impressively graceful death, the rock star had apparently been using the bathroom at the time. But okay, let’s cut this guy some slack. Not only was he found embarrassingly with his pants down by his fiancée, but Elvis had visited the dentist the day before and there is some evidence suggesting that the codeine given resulted in an anaphylactic shock and eventually assisted in his death. So what can we learn from this? Maybe next time your kids complain about what goes on behind closed doors at the denist, it might not hurt to listen. Just goes to show that all those tormenting childhood nightmares, were indeed justified. And, oh stay away from drugs.


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