Wednesday, 16 January 2013

alterFACT: Tripping Balls With Spiders

In 1995 scientists gave spiders different drugs and the watched them go about their daily spider activities (knitting webs and presumably planning the world domination). The results were astonishing; here they are:

However it wasn't just the spiders who were administered psychedelics and were watched as they went about their daily activities. Back when LSD was still legal (now scheduled as a Class I drug) in the US, scientists themselves were given LSD while being watched by their colleagues. It seems that LSD, surprisingly enough, didn't just increase productivity, but also gave them a 'fresh' perspective. For example Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize laureate in Biology in 1993, claimed that he wasn't sure he would have come up with his ground-breaking ideas if it wasn't for the use of psychedelics:

Kary Mullis, seen here watching your momma ride a three-breasted unicorn

In any case, if all of this information is "tripping you out" (get it?) then it's time to watch a funny video based entirely on historic events:


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